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5-seater car rental service in Ho Chi Minh city is deployed by US Travel Company in Ho Chi Minh city to help customers save time and effort in finding car rental for travel., married, family, .. from 4 – 45 seats.Coming to the 5-seat car rental service in Ho Chi Minh City, customers can be completely assured of the quality of the car, the vehicle’s model and the driver’s experience.In addition, the contract is also quickly and clearly implemented by us, giving customers peace of mind when using the company’s 5-seat car rental service in Ho Chi Minh City.When we need a car, we are ready!

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  1. Travel company WE own the strongest car fleet among all the companies providing 5-seat car rental service in Ho Chi Minh City.New car system, modern equipment, comfort and luxury.
  2. Professional driver team with many years of experience.Driving dynamic, sociable, fun, knowledgeable about every journey, always gives you the most comfortable trips.
  3. The technical parameters are always checked carefully and maintained before and after each journey.Ensuring customers a smooth trip.
  4. The price of our 5-seat car rental service in Ho Chi Minh city is extremely attractive.
  5. Staff of customer care is always happy, dedicated consulting, 24/7 service, including holidays and Tet holidays.

Hope to bring to our customers the best car rental services in Ho Chi Minh City, helping you have fun and safe trips on every journey!

We want to fully and promptly respond to the needs of our customers. Not only that, we always strive to improve quality as well as update many care programs, optimize customer support and increasingly invest, expanding our service portfolio, including: Specializes in self-drive car rental, with talent of new high-end, luxury cars, diverse in models (4 seats, 7 seats) and brands (Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Kia, Mazda, Chevrolet , Ford …) Professional, enthusiastic, friendly drivers and staff, always put safety and customer experience first. Car rental service with beautiful design, new, luxurious eye-catching decoration. In addition, we are also the first choice because of a professional, dedicated working culture: Happy to listen, understand the details requested to understand customers’ expectations when coming to us.

Always advise and offer suitable services to meet customers’ needs at affordable prices. Strict quality management and dedicated customer care 24/24

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In the future, WE will carry out a campaign to expand the operating area to the neighboring provinces, increase the number of car sources and vehicles to be ready to quickly respond to all customers’ demand for car rental. row.

We are committed to constantly striving for the mission to bring customers the best experience, satisfaction in both quality and cost of service.

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