43 (IELTS Speaking) Part 2 – Describe a country that you would like to go to mới nhất

Describe a country that you would like to go to


You should say:

  • Where you would like to go
  • What you would like to do there
  • How long you would like to spend there
  • And explain why you would particularly like to go to that country

There are lots of countries I’d love to visit but the one on top of my list is definitely Korea. There are various activities that I could do while I’m in Korea, such as eating Korean specialties like kimchi and bibimbap and going sightseeing around Seoul. To be honest, I don’t have any specific plan for the trip yet but I think I’d like to stay for 1 week! It might sound like a long time but people said that time flies when we’re travelling and I can’t agree more with that statement. I also hate feeling like I have to rush around on holidays as I like to take my time. There are 2 main reasons why I chose Korea to be my next holiday destination. Firstly, I happen to have a very close Korean friend. She was studying with me in Vietnam for over a year and sadly, she will be going back to Korea this February. We’ve made a promise that we’ll keep in touch with each other so I’d love to make it over and visit her! It will also be great to have my own personal tour guide while I’m there! Secondly, since I was a high school girl, I’ve always had this strong passion for the Korean entertainment industry – the singers, the TV dramas, and the movies. Everything is so fascinating to me and I would love to discover them all if I ever had a chance to visit Korea.

Rounding-off question(s)

  • Have any of your friends visited that country?

Actually yes. There are a few of my friends who have already been to Korea so I got to hear their stories and see their photos, which only made me more eafer to go. They were very kind to bring back a lot of goodies from Korea and my favourites were the ginseng candies! Their herbal taste is quite distinct from the candies that I’ve had in Vietnam.



  1. specialty (noun): đặc sản, chuyên ngành
  2. rush around (phrasal verb): di chuyển vội vã