43 (IELTS Speaking) Part 2 – Describe an interesting historic place mới nhất

Describe an interesting historic place


You should say:

  • What it is
  •  Where it is located
  • What you can see there now
  • And explain why this place is interesting.

My city is full of historic places, but the most interesting one to me is the Great Opera House. It is right in the heart of the city and is close to many other attractions. But this building really stands out because of its unique architecture.

The Great Opera House was originally built by the French over a hundred years ago. It has always been the place where major musical events are held in the city since it was erected. For this reason, the significance of it to the city cannot be overstated.

Inside the building, there is a large central stage and hundreds of seats. There’s a great sound system which naturally boosts the volume of the music that is played and the songs that are sung without damaging their quality. There is also a sound-proof system that ensures no noise from outside can reach the main room. These facilities are to guarantee that the audience can enjoy the musical events to the fullest.

To me personally, I have a great love for music so I am a frequent visitor to this building. But the Great Opera House is also very famous for non-music-lovers. This building is also well-known for a large square in front of it. This is the place where millions of tourists flock to every year to take pictures. The ambience is always vibrant, and is perfect for those who enjoy crowds. It is amazing that a historical building such as the Great Opera House can be so popular today!



  1. the heart of the city: trung tâm thành phố = the center
  2. errect (verb): dựng lên