43 (IELTS Speaking) Part 3 – Asking questions mới nhất

Asking questions


  • What kinds of organisation want to find out about people’s opinions?

In my opinion, every organisation wants to find out what people think about them, especially those who work in the sales industry.They need to know the customers thoroughly in order to improve their products and services, and as a result, make more profits.

  • Do you think that questionnaires or surveys are good ways of finding out people’s


Questionnaires and surveys are some of the most popular ways to find out people’s ideas and opinions. However, they have some downsides as well. For example, sometimes people are reluctant to give their genuine opinions on something, so they give a false instead. Also, sometimes surveys can be restricting as they only give a few possible answers and some people mightn’t feel like any of them actually fit their opinion.

  • What reasons might people have for not wanting to give their opinions?

It’s not always easy to get people’s opinions because some of them are afraid that their personal information will be exposed to others. An evident example of that is when people are asked to give their phone numbers, they will tend to make up a phoney one justto avoid being disturbed later. If it’s an anonymous survey I think people are much more likely to give their true opinions as they know they won’t be identified and so won’t feel as worried about giving them.



  1. thoroughly (adverb): một cách sâu sắc, chi tiết
  2. reluctant (adjective): lưỡng lự, không sẵn lòng
  3. genuine (adjective): chân thật
  4. expose (verb): làm lộ ra
  5. phoney (adjective): giả, không có thật = fake