43 (IELTS Speaking) Part 3 – Attitudes towards helping other people mới nhất

Attitudes towards helping other people

  • Account for some people not wanting to help other people

There are a few reasons to consider. First, some people are quite self-centred and selfish and they don’t care about how other people feel. Second, some others are wary of being deceived as there are plenty of bad people who abuse others’ kindness to seek profit for themselves. I think others are also just too busy dealing with their own hardships and problems to have the time or inclination to try helping others.

  • Agree/ disagree governments have a responsibility to help people

I am in favour of the opinion that governments should be responsible for helping their citizens, especially the poor by protecting them from violence, theft, fraud, and breach of contracts; by assisting them with employment and social welfare. In these ways, the government will earn the citizens’ faithfulness. Furthermore, when everyone gets a happy and wealthy life, they will be willing to perform their obligation to the state by paying full taxes and dedicating themselves to their country’s development.

  • Consider whether some people deserve help more than others

I think some groups in society should receive more help than others, such as children and war veterans. First, investing in children’s development benefits a nation’s prosperity in the long run as children are the future owners of the country and once they are well brought up, they will be qualified to take the lead and even change this world positively. Second, veterans who devoted more than half of their lives to protecting their country’s territory deserve to be respected and we should help them settle after the war.


  1. inclination (noun): khuynh hướng hành động
  2. faithfulness (noun): sự tín nhiệm, tính trung thực