43 TOEIC PART 1 – CÓ ĐÁP ÁN & SCRIPT – ĐỀ 2246 mới nhất

For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statements will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.Question 1.

Question 2.

Question 3.

Question 4.

Question 5.

Question 6.

Question 1. Đáp án: B
(A) He’s looking into a cabinet.
(B) He’s pouring liquid from a pitcher.
(C) He’s wiping his hands on his apron.
(D) He’s turning the handle of a machine.

Question 2. Đáp án: D
(A) One of the men is leaving a building.
(B) One of the men is pointing at a computer screen.
(C) One of the men is putting on a security badge.
(D) One of the men is standing at a counter.

Question 3. Đáp án: D
(A) A man is paying his parking fee.
(B) The car is being towed away.
(C) The parking lot is open to any visitors.
(D) The car has a logo printed on its door.

Question 4. Đáp án: B
(A) The man is about to board a bus.
(B) The man is entering the building.
(C) The man is carrying a briefcase in his hand.
(D) The man is walking across the street.

Question 5. Đáp án: D
(A) Fresh vegetables are being chopped on a cutting board.
(B) Food is being cleared from a counter.
(C) Bowls have been stacked on a kitchen shelf.
(D) Some cookware has been left on a stove.

Question 6. Đáp án: B
(A) The man is scrubbing the floor.
(B) Leaves are being raked into a pile.
(C) The man is trimming tree branches.
(D) Trees are being planted in a garden.

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