43 TOEIC PART 2 – CÓ ĐÁP ÁN & SCRIPT – ĐỀ 835 mới nhất

You will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English. They will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time. Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter ( A ),( B ), or ( C ) on your answer sheet.
Question 1.

Question 2.
Question 3.
Question 4.
Question 5.
Question 6.
Question 7.
Question 8.
Question 9.
Question 10.
Question 11.
Question 12.
Question 13.
Question 14.
Question 15.
Question 16.
Question 17.
Question 18.
Question 19.
Question 20.
Question 21.
Question 22.
Question 23.
Question 24.
Question 25.


Question 1.C

What do you think about our new television advertisement?
(A) I watched the show yesterday.
(B) Through the advertising agency.
(C) It’s very eye-catching.

Question 2.C

Why don’t we take Robin along with us?
(A) I’ll ask him to bring it with him.
(B) Because he is very busy now.
(C) He’s gone to see a client today.

Question 3.B

Would you like to join us for dinner tonight?
(A) I’m allergic to seafood.
(B) I wish I could, but I already have plans.
(C) Let’s take them with us.

Question 4.C

Should there be more strict safety regulations at the workplace?
(A) Yes, but it takes place in September.
(B) No, it’s in the safe.
(C) No, the present rules cover everything.

Question 5.C

Could you please turn the volume down?
(A) Down the hall and to your left.
(B) Turn lelt at the light.
(C) I’m sorry, I’ll turn it down

Question 6.C

Who’s speaking at tonight’s opening ceremony?
(A) Front row seats.
(B) Mr. Gibson will close the door.
(C) A famous novelist.

Question 7.C

It’s very crowded here today, isn’t it?
(A) Yes, it’s very quiet today.
(B) I haven’t seen him yet.
(C) Yes, it gets like this on the weekend.

Question 8.A

Is this used vehicle for sale?
(A) Yes, and I changed the tires on it.
(B) The price of gas is reasonable.
(C) I used it for cooking.

Question 9.C

Why don’t we use the catering service we used at our last party?
(A) The party is this Friday.
(B) At the Crown hotel.
(C) Yes, they did a great job.

Question 10.B

What’s the extension for the product support center?
(A) Satisfaction!
(B) 555.
(C) 5 dollars.

Question 11.B

Where does the number 24 bus stop?
(A) l’d take a taxi.
(B) Behind cily hall.
(C) Yes, I hope so.

Question 12.A

How about we grab a cup of coffee after your meeting ends?
(A) Sure, that sounds great.
(B) I will have the copies ready.
(C) Why don’t we go together?

Question 13.C

You locked the front door after you left, didn’t you?
(A) No, she left early.
(B) It’s in the front.
(C) Yes, don’t worry.

Question 14.B

Why isn’t the heater on?
(A) A cold winter day.
(B) It broke this morning.
(C) Yes, it’s on.

Question 15.B

Have you finished writing the monthly report?
(A) Please write clearly.
(B) It’s almost complete.
(C) Yes, it’ll be finished by Monday.

Question 16.A

Why didn’t you stop by the store?
(A) I was very busy.
(B) Last week.
(C) No, I didn’t buy it.

Question 17.C

When does the delivery man usually get here?
(A) By iruck I think.
(B) No, there are some delays.
(C) Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Question 18.A

Are there any seats available for October 8 th?
(A) Just one.
(B) Thank you.
(C) I’ll be available after seven.

Question 19.A

Is Terri available or has she left for the factory?
(A) She just took off.
(B) Leave it on the desk.
(C) It should be available now.

Question 20.A

Please take a brochure before the presentation.
(A) Thanks. I’ll read it.
(B) At the podium.
(C) I forgot her present.

Question 21.B

Do you have this coat in a larger size?
(A) It’s not that big.
(B) Yes, in the back.
(C) The black coat.

Question 22.C

What time does our flight leave?
(A) By 3 o’clock.
(B) About three or four times a day.
(C) It’s scheduled to take oft at 7: 30.

Question 23.B

When’s your day off?
(A) I am very tired.
(B) Next Tuesday.
(C) He’s not here.

Question 24.C

What style of dress do you want to buy?
(A) In the dressing room.
(B) l’d like to try this on.
(C) Something appropriate for summer.

Question 25.A

Would you like to go through the quarterly report?
(A) I already did.
(B) How about through the consulting firm?
(C) According to the news report.

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