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Bổ sung thêm kho bài tập Tiếng Anh theo chủ đề có đáp án, Thích Tiếng Anh chia sẻ “100 Bài tập trắc nghiệm câu hỏi đuôi (tag questions) Tiếng Anh có đáp án“. Tài liệu ôn luyện lí thuyết về câu hỏi, các dạng đặc biệt tag questions được sắp xếp từ cơ bản đến nâng cao, với các dạng như câu hỏi đuôi với must, may, need, have to, should,…

Trích từ tài liệu

Exercise 1: Add tag questions to the following.

We should call Rita, _______________?

should we                 B. shouldn’t we                C. shall we           D. should not we

Monkeys can’t sing, ______________?

can they                    B. can it                          C. can’t they             D. can’t it

These books aren’t yours, ____________?

are these                    B. aren’t these                  C. are they                 D. aren’t they

That’s Bod’s, ____________?

is that                             B. isn’t it                          C. isn’t that             D. is it

No one died in the accident, ______________?

did they                             B. didn’t they                  C. did he              D. didn’t he

The air-hostess knows the time she has been here, ______________?

does she                              B. isn’t it                       C. doesn’t she           D. did she

This is the second time she’s been here, ______________?

isn’t this                               B. isn’t it                        C. has she              D. hasn’t she

They must do as they are told, ________________?

mustn’t they                    B. must they                        C. are they               D. aren’t they

He hardly has anything nowadays, _________________?

hasn’t she                        B. has he                        C. doesn’t he               D. does she

You’ve never been in Italy, _________________?

have you                          B. haven’t you                    C. been you            D. had you

Sally turned her report, ________________?

didn’t she                            B. did she                         C. hadn’t she           D. didn’t she

He arrived late, _______?

didn’t he                            B. did he                         C. hadn’t he           D. didn’t he

13.Andrew isn’t sleeping, _______?

A . is he                B. isn’t he             C.was he              D.wasn’t he

You have a ticket to the game, _______________?

have you                               B. don’t you                    C. haven’t you           D. do you

Tom knows Alice, _____________?

doesn’t he                            B. is he                          C. does he               D. isn’t he

Come into the kitchen, _____________?

do you                                    B. will you                   C. won’t you                 D. B and C

Everybody likes beauty, ___________________?

doesn’t he                              B. do they                C. don’t they         D. does he

Peter never comes to class late, ________________?

doesn’t he                                B. doesn’t Peter                   C. does he             D. does Peter

I’m going to see my grandparents in HCM City next week, _______________?

aren’t I                                       B. am I not                   C. are you               D. A and B

Your baby is very lovely, ______________?

is he                                          B. isn’t he                         C. is it                  D. isn’t it

Exercise 2. Choose the best option to complete these following sentences.

1.Tom invited us to come to his party, __________?
A. hadn’t he         B. couldn’t he      C. wasn’t he         D. didn’t he
2. There was an exciting football match on TV last night, _________?
A. wasn’t it          B. was not there  C. wasn’t there   D. was it
3. – Who teaches you English? –Mr. Black_________.
A. is            B. teaches             C. does       D. do
4. I am not too fat, __________?
A. aren’t I             B. do I         C. am I       D. are I
5. I’m wrong, _________?
A. am not   B. aren’t I             C. are not   D. amn’t
6. Someone discovered penicillin in 1928, _________?
A. hadn’t he/she            B. didn’t he/she             C. didn’t someone       D. wasn’t he/she
7. You stayed home last night, _________?
A. had you          B. would you       C. didn’t you      D. did you
8. The poor don’t have many things to eat, _________?
A. do we              B. do they            C. do you             D. do I
9. The teacher asked you if you finished your homework that day, __________?
A. hadn’t he B. didn’t he C. didn’t you D. hadn’t he
10. You were driving home when you saw Lan, _________?
A. didn’t you       B. weren’t you     C. wouldn’t you            D. hadn’t you
11. You are thirsty, __________?
A. don’t you        B. aren’t you        C. are you            D. are not you
12. Nam wishes he had worked hard last year, __________?
A. hadn’t Nam    B. hadn’t he         C. doesn’t Nam   D. doesn’t he
13. Not only the women but also the men _________ watching this programme.
A. like        B. has liked C. is liking          D. likes
14. Neither the students nor the teacher ___________ raincoats.
A. taking    B. takes      C. are taking      D. take
15. You had had breakfast before you went to school yesterday, ___________?
A. hadn’t you      B. didn’t you        C. wouldn’t you  D. weren’t you
16. _________ ten minutes earlier, we would have got better seats.
A. If we had not arrived        B. Had we arrived        C. Did we arrive  D. If we arrived
17. Only when you grow up, __________ the truth.
A. did you know          B. will you know          C. you would know      D. you will know
18. You could ride a bicycle when you were five, ___________?
A. hadn’t you      B. didn’t you        C. weren’t you              D. couldn’t you
19. There have been many achievements since the country carried out economic reforms, ________?
A. don’t there      B. haven’t they   C. haven’t there            D. don’t they
20. People who exercise frequently are healthier than those who ____________.
A. exercise           B. do          C. don’t               D. are

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